NWAM – North Wales Advanced Motorcyclists

Advanced Rider Course

Observed ride, A5 North Wales

Observed ride, A5 North Wales

Be one of the most skilled riders on the road with this on-road course delivered by NWAM’s qualified experts.

  • Gain confidence and skills
  • Get cheaper insurance
  • Use your own motorcycle
  • Meet like-minded people

If you ride a motorcycle you already appreciate the sense of freedom it gives you, the mental discipline it takes, the buddies you make, and the thrill of being on one of the coolest machines on the planet. But if you love riding, you also know its risks. It’s one reason why IAM RoadSmart developed Advanced Rider, an on-road course delivered by trained volunteers that gives you greater confidence and a feeling of safety when you ride on Britain’s roads.

It may take between three and six months to complete the Advanced Rider course, which is taken on your own bike with an NWAM Observer. We pair you with an Observer and you then agree a schedule, and each ride is built around your development plan. Each ride lasts about ninety minutes but can take longer as motorcyclists are a sociable bunch and we often stop for socialising and food. Your observer will focus on specific skills and once you’ve developed them you’ll be ready to prove them in the advanced test. Let’s not deny it takes commitment to achieve, but you’ll be one of the most skilled riders on the road – less than 1% of riders hold an advanced or higher qualification.

You need to book the Advanced Rider course through IAM RoadSmart, and your details are then forwarded to us.