NWAM – North Wales Advanced Motorcyclists

Joining NWAM, or the IAM

You can join NWAM in one of two ways:

    1. If you’ve already passed your Advanced Test with the IAM then you can join NWAM for just £15.00 per annum (or £12.50 by paying through a Standing Order).
    2. If you’d like us to coach you to becoming an advanced rider, to the point of taking your IAM test, then you can take the Advanced Rider Course. Prices for this are on the IAM website. This includes your first year’s membership of NWAM and the IAM, your test fee and the IAM book “How to be a Better Rider”.
      To register with the IAM, follow this link to their website. Once you have registered with the IAM they will forward your details to us and we will put you in contact with one of our Observers to arrange your Advanced Rider course.
    3. Purchasing the Advanced Rider course entitles candidates to belong to NWAM, and this can continue as long as the member maintains and pays both the IAM annual fee and the subscription to NWAM annually.
    4. If you already hold certain professional riding qualifications, you may be able to gain exemption from undertaking the Advanced Rider test. Details of the exemptions, and details of how to apply can be found on IAM’s website by following this link.
    5. As a Friend of NWAM you can keep in touch with old friends and be part of our social activities for £15.00 per annum (or £12.50 by paying through a Standing Order).

If you want to join us, please fill out the form below and the Membership Secretary will contact you to arrange payment:

NWAM Membership Application Form

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NWAM's Observers are all unpaid volunteers who are available at different times. To try to pair you with the most appropriate Observer, please indicate when you are more likely to be able to take part in observed rides:
WeekdaysWeekday EveningsWeekendsAny!

Please read the following carefully, and tick the box to indicate you agree with the declarations:

  • I confirm that I am the holder of a valid current driving licence for the vehicle I am using,
  • I have appropriate insurance for the vehicle, either personally or via my employer, and that the vehicle, if appropriate, has valid MOT and tax. I also confirm that these will be in place throughout the duration of my IAM course.
  • I confirm that I am fit to drive or ride and not under the influence of any drug (including prescribed medication that may adversely affect my fitness to drive or ride). I will wear corrective eyewear while driving or riding if my eyesight requires it.
  • I am aware that I am responsible for all driving or riding decisions and I will make my Observer or Examiner aware if I become distracted. I agree that any advice or direction given will require my diligence to be applied safely. If I have any doubt I will ask for clarification, before following the advice or direction.
  • I understand that participation on any NWAM event will be at my own risk.
  • I understand that my details will be held on a computer database for NWAM and IAM use.
  • I will make my renewal payments for both NWAM and IAM through Standing Order or Direct Debit processing.

I accept the Terms and Conditions

Thank you. Please check the ReCaptcha Box, and press the send button. We'll be in touch as soon as possible