NWAM – North Wales Advanced Motorcyclists

NWAM has regular organised Group rides, details of which are available on the calendar.

The rides are organised into two types:

  • Advanced Rides, for IAM Full and Associate members.
  • Social Rides, for both IAM and Social Members to join.

The starting points vary so that members from across North Wales have access to a start point nearer to them. The ride details (which are sent out through the Group’s mailing system about a week before the ride) gives details of meeting points, cafe stops and approximate times.

Rides are usually organised using the ‘second rider drop-off system’.

To join an Advanced Ride;
  • You must also be a fully paid up member of the IAM.
  • A pillion passenger is acceptable.
  • Safety is first priority. Every rider is responsible for their own actions and any consequences that those actions may have.
  • Traffic Laws must be obeyed at all times. Your motorcycle must be road legal and roadworthy.
  • Route details showing Petrol/Rest stops will be issued prior to start.
  • Please arrive with a full tank of fuel, and an empty bladder!
  • The Ride Leader and Tail End Rider will be identified to the group.
  • The Second Rider Drop-Off System is as follows:
    • The Ride Leader will point to a stopping place in close proximity to a junction so that following riders know where to turn. The Ride Leader may or may not drop the second rider off.
    • The second rider should stop in the first safe and visible location indicated by the Ride Leader.
    • If it is safe to do so, the second rider should consider giving a hand signal to indicate to the group in which direction they should proceed.
    • If you come to a junction, and if it is safe to do so, proceed straight ahead unless a marker is adjacent to the road you should turn on to.
    • All roundabouts should have a rider at the exit where safety permits. The rider will position themselves accordingly.
    • The second rider remains in place until they are signalled to proceed by the Tail End Rider
    • If any rider wishes to leave the ride they must inform the Ride Leader or Tail End Rider before doing so, to avoid any confusion by the following riders.
    • There is usually an outward route and a return route; any riders who wish to make their own way back may do so.
    • Riders should not overtake the Leader.

If you fancy leading a ride, contact the Secretary, who will be happy to receive your suggestions.