NWAM – North Wales Advanced Motorcyclists

NWAM’s Observers

Observer Danny Kettle at a track day

NWAM Observer Danny Kettle at a track day

To aid Associates joining us to progress toward taking the IAM Advanced Test, we have a team of Observers keen to pass on their knowledge of Advanced Riding.

An Observer is allocated to each new Associate and observed runs are arranged at the convenience of the Associate and their Observer.

The IAM does not use the term instructor. Candidates for the Advanced Riding Test are not learners, and often have many years of experience. We do not have lessons, we have observed runs using your own motorcycle. An IAM Observer follows you on these runs to offer support and advice, but is not a supervising rider and never takes control; all the decisions you take are yours alone.

In progressing to the advanced test, we work on a one-to-one basis. Mostly, but not always, your Observer will follow rather than lead. Each time you ride out with your Observer, you will be asked to donate a contribution of £15 towards the costs of using their motorcycle.

NWAM group members out on an off-road day

After your first observed run (an assessment run), the Observer will discuss aspects of your ride with you and offer advice on what you need to do to reach the advanced standard. They’ll also record on a progress sheet a summary of how they rate various aspects of your riding, and from this they will formulate a development plan with you.

All Observers are qualified to IAM national standards, and are re-tested at intervals to ensure consistency. All our Observers have passed the IAM advanced test and are trained to work with Associates.  Like everyone else in the Group they are unpaid volunteers. Observers are involved in many aspects of motorcycling, from track racing, off-road riding, supporting cycling events and assisting with the BikeSafe scheme.


Some of NWAM’s Observers at a Bridging the Gap workshop